Renovation Contracting Sales Process


Pair with How To Estimate Course and save.  See product bundle HERE Limited time offer


Pair with How To Estimate Course and save. See product bundle HERE Limited time offer

How To Sell | Step by step sales process with easy to follow and downloadable templates.

We teach a P.C.A.C approach. Plan first, Confirm second, Approve third and then finally Commit. We do not teach only fixed pricing nor do we only teach cost plus. Our business model is the perfect balance of both which is why we call it a hybrid format. This model reduces risk, increases profits and provides the best experience for your clients!

This course will provide you with a proven sales flow to stick with. Every project should be treated with this same approach. This is a proven sales flow that highly established construction companies use to quickly figure out who are the serious clients and how to build trust and rapport. 

What is included:

🔨How To Sell a $100k+ Project 


✅How To Take An Inbound Call

✅How To Make An Outbound Call

✅Worth The Drive? Checkpoint: Qualified or Not

✅Setting The Stage | First In Person Meeting

✅Worth The Time Commitment? Checkpoint 2

✅Preparing The Pitch

✅The Big One | In Person Meeting 2

Final Quiz | Get Your Certificate

Course materials include:

  • Workflow A-Z Chart
  • Planning Phase Chart
  • Meeting 1 Agenda
  • Meeting 2 Agenda
  • Risk Control Checklist
  • Phone Scripts
  • Certificate Of Completion