How To Sell + How To Estimate Course BUNDLE


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Learn the sales skills and strategies of a professional contractor and build the life you deserve.

✅ This is perfect for house flippers, real estate investors, general contractors, students, DIYers, homeowners and other driven individuals who would like to learn proven sales and planning skills and strategies.

How To Sell A $100,000+ Home Renovation

🔨How To Sell a $100k+ Project 


✅How To Take An Inbound Call

✅How To Make An Outbound Call

✅Worth The Drive? Checkpoint: Qualified or Not

✅Setting The Stage | First In Person Meeting

✅Worth The Time Commitment? Checkpoint 2

✅Preparing The Pitch

✅The Big One | In Person Meeting 2

Final Quiz | Get Your Certificate

Course materials include:

🤩Workflow A-Z Chart

🤩Planning Phase Chart

🤩Meeting 1 Agenda

🤩Meeting 2 Agenda

🤩Risk Control Checklist

🤩Phone Scripts

🤩Certificate Of Completion🤩

How To Estimate Planning and Construction Costs

🔨How To Estimate, Plan and Manage a Project


✅Learning The Process

✅Excel Spreadsheet | How To Budget

✅Importance Of Contingency

✅Tips If You Are A Homeowner

✅Example Kitchen Renovation Without Interior Designer

✅Example Kitchen Renovations With Interior Designer

✅Example Kitchen Renovation Requiring Permit

✅Estimating Management Time For Planning/Construction

✅Quality Control And Checklist

Final Quiz With Certificate

Course materials include:

🤩1 Excel Spreadsheet For Budgeting Planning/Construction

🤩Planning Phase Chart

🤩Project Workflow A-Z

🤩Risk Control Checklist

🤩Builder/Contractor Responsibilities

🤩Certificate Of Completion

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