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Sales Process

The Only Sales Course Your Construction Business Will Ever Need.

CAD $99.99

Project Planning – Design/Budgeting

Learn how to estimate a planning and construction budget and deliver project success.

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The term “sales funnel,” is used to describe the entire sales process–from initial contact to purchase. With such a high cost, construction sales tends to be a much longer and difficult process than most.

This will show you how to properly approach every new client and set yourself up for planning success. This course is designed to take your general contracting skills and transform you into a project manager/ dedicated trusted advisor for your client. I am glad to help you build a solid foundation that will transform your life and business.

You will learn how to provide accurate and thorough estimates using the P.C.A.C model. Plan, confirm, approve and then commit. The most proven model out there. This course will establish the exact approach you need to take for your next project. Learn how to think and work like a professional general contractor. This course is made for new businesses, project managers, students, contractors and DIYer’s.

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General contractors, students, sub trades, project managers, homeowner, DIY’ers

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