Learn How To Start and Manage a Design + Build Construction Business.

Learn a business model that all of the most successful and fastest growing contracting companies are using all across North America today. Excel with Contractor Sales and Planning Courses Paired with our Project Planning Binder and Spreadsheets.
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Three Type's of Business Models

There are 3 types of pricing that you can choose from when it comes to building or renovating your home.
Fixed price. This is what most people are initially attracted too because the cost is known up front. However most contractors do not disclose their markup which can be up to 50% depending on your project and any changes are heavily penalized often referred to change order fees. You are limited on any input you have and are kept in the dark throughout most of the project and these contractors are often incentivized to cut corners and use cheaper or inferior products to increase their profitability. Especially if something doesn’t go the way they expected. It is a good contractor profit model but not ideal for the homeowner.
The second is cost plus or time and materials which is based on actually costs to the contractor plus an agreed upon management fee. Many people prefer this model because they have more freedom for the selections and options they choose. However a lot of contractors fail to explain their fees in an easy to understand way and because of this clients are often blindsided by a final bill at the end of the job that catches them off guard.
The last option is a mix between the two which we often refer to as a hybrid format. This provides the best qualities of fixed pricing and cost plus and is by far the most transparent and favourable way to manage a project today. You play a central roll in the selection of sub contractors and all costs are determined and agreed upon before construction starts. You get the same pricing on material and labour as the builder gets. You also get to see all invoices, all quotes, all receipts and deal with zero change order fees. A simple open book model that holds the contractor accountable. Finally a business model that gives you leverage!
Mavish Academy is setting an example for transparency in the industry while producing profitable construction companies with predicatable profit.
Do you want to be one of these companies? Enroll in our course today and learn how.


Materials Included…


Materials Included…


Step By Step Lessons. Easy To Follow, Understand And Implement. 

risk control

Tons Of Invaluable Templates That Will Be Your Blueprint To Success. Build Your Business With A Proven Process. Learn How To Follow A Simple Model. You Will Get Back 100x Return From What You Will Learn In These Courses. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Courses Free When Opting Into Our Coaching Services.

We Offer A Voluntarily Quiz After Each Course Which Provides A Certificate Of Completion. Use It For Your Resume. Show Your Clients. Build Your Education Portfolio.

A Few Of Our Testimonials


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“The amount of information and value that is offered in theses courses was a game changer for us. It is very logical. We have spent so many years attempting to figure it out on our own and now we know exactly how a profitable business does it. Thank you for the time put into these and the additional consulting support!” -Phil S

Positive: Professionalism, Quality,
Responsiveness, Value

“We have worked with Mark for several years and have always found his services to be well organized, honest and efficient. A great person and company to work with. Highly recommend.” Nathan B

Positive: “Mark Sickavish is reliable, trustworthy, and professional. His character is full of integrity and I highly recommend his services” Justin M 


Our Contractor Courses

For The New Or Existing Contractor.
Replicate Our Business Model.

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If you are just starting out and jumping into general contracting, taking on larger projects or wanting a refresh of your existing company we offer courses that will teach you the correct approach to selling, planning, estimating and managing your projects the right way. If you are looking for a mentor our mini courses are a great way to start and build your foundation. Our hourly or monthly coaching/accountability services are also a great way to stay on track and ensure your contracting business is growing. This Academy is our way of giving back as we love to see individuals learn, grow and most of all apply the correct ethical practices in how to operate a proper construction business. We feel this process should be the industry standard. That is, open book, transparent and accountable. Take advantage of our Contractor Coaching services today.


The construction industry is a difficult place to run a business and it seems every home project goes sideways. Trying to figure it out through trial and error is costly and can add a ton of unwanted stress. These courses will set the foundation to launch or restructure your contracting business and establish the systems and repeatable strategies you will need to run a profitable contracting business.

Contractors need an effective sales funnel that each and every lead goes through that qualifies the correct clients and lands the projects their company deserves. Now contractors can educate themselves on how a professional general contractor would approach a project and reduce the stress or costly mistakes they will inevitably make when starting out. Our course bundle is just for them!

The term “sales funnel,” is used to describe the entire sales process, from initial contact to purchase. With such a high cost, construction sales tends to be a much longer process than most. Learn the shortest most effective sales process “funnel” you can use for home renovation or new build clients. It is proven that sales is 10X more important than any other part of your business. You cannot be ignoring this!

In our condensed sales course you will quickly learn things like a sales process which starts from the very first phone call. How do you qualify your client? What questions should you be asking them? We include example’s and templates to follow and implement. This is so straightforward and invaluable.

How do you properly plan your pre-construction phase to ensure construction success? How do you estimate and manage the budget?

Our estimating planning and construction course teaches how to develop a detailed project scope and accurate budget. Learn important project management skills necessary to run small to massive projects. Learn the correct workflow. Who do I contact first? Do I contact an architect, interior designer or engineer and what about permits? We also cover things like the importance of contingencies, time management and contractor responsibilities. Download and print off our templates, meetings agendas, project workflows, risk control and much more and create your company systems today. 

Being organized and efficient with your time is necessary if you want a healthy work life balance. Setting up computer folders, files, construction contracts, sub-contracts, implementing construction software, setting boundaries with trades and clients, company marketing and business or project oversight is all fundamental. We cover this all here with our Mavish Academy affordable consulting services. All you have to do is schedule a coaching session and we will establish the priorities, goals and to-do’s recommended to achieve the results you are looking for.

9 Lessons In Our Sales Process Course!

11 Lessons In Our Renovation Planning - Design and Budget Course

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Write Each Course Off As Professional Development

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Professional Training General Contractor Course

Whether you are a project manager, a new general contractor, starting a business, straight out of the trades or a handyman, these courses will accelerate your understanding of how a project comes together. Set a proper foundation for your home renovation contracting business.

This process can be applied to smaller projects right up to custom new builds. It is a universal process that has been kept a secret for too many years within the industry. This is the most effective and professional way to approach any renovation or new build construction project and learning the sales skills and approach will benefit you for a lifetime.

Actionable Training

Step by step guides on how to sell, estimate and manage your projects. Take our templates and put them to work!

Printable Templates

Sales, Meetings, project A-Z step by step, excel budgeting spreadsheets, construction checklists and more. All in one place!

Premium Material

Simple and to the point. Only the necessary knowledge and guidelines required to successfully be a general contractor and manage projects of all sizes.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate as many contractors through Residential Renovation Courses with a direct approach to every home renovation or new build. Having a universal system brings more transparency and higher standard of ethics into a very unpredictable industry. We aim to teach through our video courses (videos coming soon) an effective approach that ultimately delivers high value, overwhelming wisdom and give contractors and consumers a heightened experience.

Investing in courses and education is the best way to improve your life. One small investment can make one big change. Try Our Contractor Coaching